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Saturday, December 10, 2011


We had 5 tables, but I sure we could get 5 more! Also, the party didn't stop till 2am!

First, thank you to everyone that showed: Ben S., Joshua S., Casey D., Erik D., Eric J., Dylan 'DP', Dylan S. and all the other I couldn't remember there names.

Next is our organizers: Isaiah and Ben!
To Isaiah: Thanks for this event. You did Excellent! and the turn out was greater than any event I have even thrown!

To Ben: Thanks for getting the Stonebriar Rec room, that is a great area. And I hope you and Isaiah can use it in the future. Also, thanks to you and Isaiah for the food. Thank you for everything you did.
It was great to hear of that many familiar faces and allot of new ones has show to Isaiah's event. Isaiah did great for his first event and with the help of his friend, Ben, was able to pull of the most successful wargaming event I have seen in Central Oregon. Isaiah had food, drinks, snacks and pizza running the entire night and Ben was making sure there was stuff in the service table to mid-gaming snaking. Tables were up and enough terrain to cover them!

The Event had about 15 people ranging from teens to twenties. Games of Warhammer Fantasy and 40k where on the rage. Later that night everyone was trying to get a some quick games in of Warmachine with the two local experts, Casey and Erik Dean.

The night ended for most around 1:00am in the morning and for some well after 2:ooam. Everyone who played definitely had fun and wanted this event to happen again. And guess what?

It is...

The next PLAY ALL NIGHT is January 7th, 2012 at the Stonebriar Apartments Recreation Center from 4pm to midnight! Let's get playing till the wee hours of dawn.

Note: If you have pictures for the PLAY ALL NIGHT event post them on the forum, facebook, or email them! It would be great to share everyone's experience to get more players into wargaming! Oh, thank you Dylan 'DP' for the only picture of the event given to me so far! We can count on you.

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