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Monday, October 31, 2011

Ultra Moo'rines!: The Sergeant is 75% Complete!

I think 3 more hours and done...except basing...f'ing basing!

Here is the 'First Squad' of the Ultra Moo'rines Sergeant. As you can see, I have added more blue to the lower body and gray low-lights to the recesses of the white areas. The biggest thing is the spots, I think they came out great. I based the black spots with grey first, then worked it up to black, it was about three different colors.

Really trying to figure out how to paint the sword!

I am liking the head of this guys the most...yes, that is what she said...but anyway, I did want him to just be bald like most space marine sergeants so I painted in some shaved hair and some eye brows. I really wanna add some aging and scars to him before I am done. I might even give him a white eye...Oooo!
I drew up a Ultra Moo'rines Symbol then tried to paint it....it sorta worked out!

In the end, it looks like I am not going to be able to bring the Ultra Moo'rines Squad down in November. To much army and regular work for me to finish before the 5th to leave at D's Hobbies with a display board. I aim for December, I should be able to get something done then. Maybe even get some awards dropped off.

Lastly, I hope I can see ya'll at the Warhammer Fantasy Tournament at D's Hobbies on the 5th of November!

Happy Halloween from DFM!

The 2010 DFM! Warhammer Pumpkin wishes you Happy Halloween from the beyond!

Happy Halloween! The contributors and I would like to wish you a happy and safe Halloween. Remember this the only time you can take candy from strangers...so take advantage of it. Also, this the time with may people let there 'extra' sexy out so also remember this GI Joe PSA from Shipwreck:

...because any port in a storms idea doesn't mean you don't wear a rain suit.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Warhammer!: November 5th 1500 point Fantasy Tournament at D's Hobbies

Wanna kill Dwarves? Then play in the Tournament Nov. 5th at D's Hobbies!

Just Wanted to let anyone know that their is a 1500 point tournament on Saturday the 5th this November at D's Hobbies in Bend, OR. I think most of the Fantasy players in Central Oregon (Bend, Redmond, Prineville, Lapine, and Madras) know but I posting this just encase. There is a $5 entry and it will have 4 rounds. Sign in is at 10:00 and were going to try to get started around 10:30.

No painting required and very few proxy models. Tournament organizer will approve all proxy models.

If you need more information post any questions here on the DFM! Forums or comments below.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ultra Moo'rines: The Sergeant is 50% Complete

For planet Ultra'moo!

After wasting a bunch of time trying to paint the whole squad while not exactly knowing how to paint this new color scheme, I just focused on the sergeant.

Grey as the base coat is the key. That has been helping out alot. Next, my yellow paint sucks so I have to undercoat it with white in high spots and red in low areas then paint yellow for the yellow to show and make the recesses orange. Everything else is pretty sooth.

I am still debating on what to use form the 'Ultra Moo'rines' symbol...Like inverted 'Omega' and 'Mu' (lower and uper case) or paint a tiny cow.

Tonight I hope I can paint more non-metallic metallic and the cow spots. Anyway, tell me what you thing so far on the DFM! Forum thread for Mat's Ultra Moo'rines.

I can't wait to show these off at D's in there display case!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ultra Moo'rines: First Coat

For COW!

This is were I am at after a couple of hours of painting. Using these marines I picked up that are already painted blue and inked blue are making it easy as far as I might be done sooner. Only issue is who ever spray painted these guys really didn't know how to operate a rattle can. Not like I should be complaining, I am still working on my model tagging skills.

I really hope I can get alot more done today since I have only a couple of weeks to get this done and over to D's Hobbies. If you wanna see more pictures check out the thread on DFM! Forums.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ultra Moo'rines: Built and starting the Base Coat

They may be black and white and blue all over but they will make you feel the pain of loosing...once there finished.

I just finished building the first 10 man squad of Ultra Moo'rines! I built the squad as a 10 man Grey Hunter Squad with a power weapon and 2 flamers. I envision the Ultra Moo'rines to be Space Wolf-like since at some point I am going to build Thunder-hoove Cavalry!

Here is the first picture of these 10 brave warriors about to dawn black, white and blue!

Oh, some of the Ultra Moo'rines have horns!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Go to DFM!'s NEW Facebook Page!

Yes, one more place you can get harassed by us!

TONIGHT is the new release of the DFM! Facebook page. Everyone that wants to know about DFM! Tournaments and Events needs to 'Friend' this page. In fact, you must 'friend' it! Or DFM! will hunt you down and 'friend' you!

Be one of the first to 'friend' DFM! tonight! Click here to get to our Facebook page!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Selling my First Space Wolves Squads!

Wow. These guys are from 2003. Oh, sweet 3rd Edition and your wonderful Rhino Rush and Sweeping Advance.

I was looking in my Mark 1 Army Carrier, a box, and I saw these guys. These are the first Space Wolves that I have ever painted. Not to bad, but they are not winning any 'Young Blood' awards. Looking back on these guys and remembering all the games, all the drunkhammer, all the fun and asking myself, "Why did I do the snow effect?"

I really wish I didn't do that. Any way, I need to make room for other models and hopefully some new guy to Warhammer 40K will buy them and get them winning games again.

I hope you sell for a good price on ebay my first squad. Check out ebay bids for this item. Also, rate these guys painting at Cool Mini or Not here (link fixed)!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Malifaux: Painting Cassandra and Dresses

Cassandra...white girl with a steam-punk katana.

I decided to paint Cassandra like Cinderella since Colette looks like Snow White. I am figuring to go with blue all around then painting off shaded light blues in different areas. I think the gloves will be blue and the stocking will be white--I liked how the white stocking turned out on Colette. I am not sure about the boots so I'll put down a light blue for right now.  The blonde hair of Cassandra is going to be straw colored more than yellow, I found a really nice example of Cassandra that I am using as a guide.  Here is the link.

I am really trying to keep the colors smooth. I think it is working out so far and demonstrating that I am learning from my mistakes.  One thing I am doing different is mounting the miniature to the base with wood flooring before painting.  I know while painting Colette I rubbed much of the work I did and I am hoping to alleviate that by mounting Cassandra on the base first.

Here is were I am with this project and some pictures from some of my stopping points.  I think she'll turn out nice but I am still looking at 16 hours more.  Hooray!

Started off with some blue.
This picture helped with painting in further depth in the dress, thanks LED Lamp.
Add the brown of the stage basing, off white for flesh, white from stockings, random light blue for boots and yellow for Cassandra's Goldie locks.
I'll let you know, I hate that crevice thing in Cassandra's dress.
Here is the depth, looks way to stripy...I am going to work on fixing that for a while.
I tried to add depth to the front of the dress...this is my first time doing this...not to bad but needs refinement.

Friday, October 7, 2011

DFM!'s New Banner: The Making of...

Sweet banner and completely original to DFM!

I was looking at the banner I posted about hour ago and thought that is would be cool to share some of the photos I took of the models I used to make the NEW DFM! BANNER. So here they are.

If you are curious about how I did the photo editing and stuff. I used Paint...I am still living in the 90s when it comes to this stuff. As far as the pictures, I used the 'mirco' setting then placed the miniatures on a sheet of paper then got my cool LED painting lamp and brought it all close to take pictures. Remember, photos are all about light...more like the crisper they are...generally.

Blurry...next picture.

This one looks like a cat fight is about to erupt...not going to work.

Getting better but way to much shaft action in Colette's face...not the right action I am looking for.

To much focus on the Space Marine...kinda like all our old stories before the Erase-ning!

Getting better...I like it lets do one more do see what happens...

I got it...zooming out helped focus my fantastic Cannon Powershot SD1200 IS, f'n best camera ever made.

After about 2 hours on MicroSoft Paint...Mark III Banner complete...

...then someone talks about "Why is there no fantasy?"...g-uh. Fine, here is an orge.

Old paint files plus Mordhiem Swamp Orge equals I am not playing with the banner for another year.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Make the GWSeattle Bunker Marine a Space Wolf

Just a future Space Wolf!

Alright boys and girls let me inform you that at the GW Seattle Battle bunker there is a 8ft Space Marine being constructed as we speak. Actually, I would say more like being repaired.

Anyway, you must go to GW Seattle Bunker's Facebook Question Page and vote on this Space Marine becoming a "Space Wolf!"

I hear you already with your little high pitched little girl voice, "Why Space Wolves? I like Imperial Fists and Space Sharks better!"

My answer is this...Imperial Fist don't have their own codex and what the hell is a Space Shark, I never read a book about the Space Sharks in the Black Library so they must be lame.

Still not siding with me. Well, here is one more reason...I like Space Wolves and I think it would look cooler as Space Wolf than an Imperial Fist...which by the way isn't as cool as Space Wolves because again...no codex and they have way few Black Library books than Space Wolves.

Okay...last thing. All Tactical Space Marines wish they had a close combat weapon, a bolt pistol and a bolter...unless your army has that already--Blood Angles--or something cooler--Grey Knights...but anyway, you want them all, Space Wolves have them all and yo sucka Nilla Marine variants--cough, Imperial Fist and Space Sharks--wish they had them all.

Win for Space Wolves...if you wanna be a member of COW you defiantly should vote for Space Wolves because the COW Ultra Moo'rines are actually based on Space Wolves--Thundercow Hoov'alry GO! I'm going to build one in a few months after I paint all my Malifaux stuff.

So please vote here!