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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

SUCK IT!: Space Marine is better than Fire Warrior EVERYDAY OF THE WEEK!

Way better than Fire Warrior.

From Ben S.

That's right Fire Warrior, you sit in that corner and cry you B!%&#.

Okay so after my sweaty palms opened the packing and box and got the disc in my 360 I settled in for a long night of 40k visual epicness.

I was not disappointed.

Space Marine in the campaign is excellent, I won't ruin the story line too much, but its a classic 40k scenario of big epic battle with more to it than meets the eye. The enemies fit the fluff and look great and interact in a way I imagine they would based upon fluff. Although these Orks are much higher than BS2. The cinematics and detailing are great and the voice actors did a great job. The feeling of the 41st millennium is captured very well. (My one complaint was that it didn't seem dark and polluted enough, but that was a minor flaw at that.)

Multiplayer is pretty solid, but leaves some things to be desired. First of all, maps are always random. For the first 6 games I thought there were only 2 maps. That's somewhat annoying. As for your Marine or Chaos Marine, well if you want to customize him beyond different colors and get all those epic pieces of armor from the preview videos, well, have fun with the mile long list of crazy achievements. Some include, 500 revenge kills, and other bull$#!%. This really annoyed me as I was looking forward to making a very epic looking Ultramarine vet.

Weapons and perks are unlocked via levels, which is fine as you gain access fairly easily. You can also always steal the class that killed you, which can give you somewhat of a taste of wargear to come.

Only two game types of capture 3 points and hold to earn points or kill em. After being spoiled by CoD I was annoyed at first, but honestly I don't know what else I'd want as these are the only good game types in CoD anyways.

Controls are pretty solid, plays very much like Gears, which isn't bad but I'm sure most of us are more used to CoD/Battlefield. I know I am.

As a fan, this game is perfect. As a gamer, this game is strong with a few faults that don't detract too much from the overall game. Don't expect anything ground breaking though, but this is one of the most fun games I've played in a long time.

Overall 8 out of 10

So let's never ever speak of Fire Warrior again, shall we?

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