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Friday, January 13, 2012

TOURNAMENT!: New Resolutions 1500pts of Warhammer 40k

New year, New Resolution!

Aaron is organizing some tournaments for this month at D's Hobbies!

We're having a 1500 point tourney at D's on Saturday, January 21st. It will be 3 rounds and cost $5, sign in starts at 10:00 and we hope to start playing by 10:30. Hope to see you all there.

Read more: http://deathfearsme.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=40k&action=display&thread=475#ixzz1jPMXvrLc

TOURNAMENT!: Battle of Nair 2000 pts of Warhammer Fantasy

Show your strength at the Battle of Nair 2000 point Warhammer Fantasy Tournament!

Aaron is organizing some tournaments for this month at D's Hobbies!

2000 point tourney at D's on Saturday Jan 28th. Its going to cost $5. Sign in's will start at 10:00 and we are going to try to get started at 10:30.

Please take pictures of the tournament if you go and post them on the forum!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Play All Night is cancelled like flights leaving Chicago in a blizzard storm during Christmas.

From Isaiah, the Play All Night Organizer:

I would just like to thank everyone who was trying to help
set this up and meet for it but, we failed to reserve the room for this month so
for now it is off.stone brook apartment maniger siad the room is only reserved
for resadents of the appartments and now there is no one liveing there. i will
be trying to find a new location posibly for next month sometime but for now we
must settel for meeting at ds.

thanks everyone..... more war to come.

Play all night EVENT CANCELLED for now!!!!

It going to take a community effort to find another place for Play All Night to take place again. If you have any ideas please post on the message board.

Read more: http://deathfearsme.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=tournaments&action=display&thread=462#ixzz1iWcQzpnJ