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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Night Lords, Blood Angels, And Massacres - Oh My!

Hey this is Dylan and ill be posting for DFM for a while! Just the other day I was playing some 40k at the  D's and I decided I was sick and tired of using a codex that didn't represent my army(Night Lords) correctly so here's what I've seen other players do and what I did: used the Blood Angels codex to represent Night Lords. And I LOVED it! Here is the list that I used
Librarian w/ Terminator Armour(Psychic Powers Sanguine Sword and Smite)
Sanguinary Priest w/ Lightning Claws and Jump Pack and Brother Corbulo
Terminator Assault Squad
11 Death Company
10 Tactical Marines w/ 2 Plasma guns and Sargent Power Fist
10 Tactical Marines w/ 2 Plasma guns and Sargent Power Fist
10 Vanguard Veterans w/ Jump Packs, Lightning Claw, and Melta Bombs
10 Vanguard Veterans w/ Jump Packs, Lightning Claw, and Melta Bombs
I think it worked rather well, as I beat one of my good friends who is rather good at 40k. (That's right, I'm lookin at you Ben Schimoller)
This is my first attempt at summarizing a game I played like 5 days ago, so cut me a little slack. My opponent was playing Space Marines and his list was rather shooty with (as best as I can remember): Lysander, a Sternguard Veteran Squad in Drop pod, 4 or 5 Tactical Squads in Rhinos, 2 Dreadnaughts w/ double Autocannons, and 2 devestator squads w/ 4 missle launchers each. The game was kill points and he had first turn. One of the key moments in the game was when I used Corbulo's special rule to re-roll my siezing of the initiative which earned me the first turn! The first 3 turns of the game went along the lines of my veterans tearing stuff up(including wiping out the Sternguard in 1 turn of combat) and him having a hard time killing anything because of my Sanguinary Priests. However, at turn 4 the tables began to turn. My units started to die from the amount of shots being poured into them and it soon became apparent this would be a close game. In the end, random game length saved me, as the game ended with me having TWO Tactical marines left on the board, but more kill points then my opponent, ending in a bloody victory for the Night Lords.
The only changes I would make to this list is the replacing of the tactical marines with Assault Marines. Anyway, that's all for today, as usual comments are appreciated. Enjoy!


  1. LYASANDER cant use a drop pod due to his termanator armore, and it looks like ben took a proxy list and failed to truly use his stobbern imperial fist. i might as well challing you to show you the real battel of a true imperial fist player and show you how its done, but thats long away for eldar are my way now and i wish to not betray the good fortuen i have so fare.... o well if your up to it we can play????

  2. I don't know about SM but BA termies can ride in drop pods.also Lysander was with the Sternguard allowing them to use his Bolter Drill rule with good results. I think his mistake was drop podding so close to 2 tooled up Vanguard Veteran squads