Friday, November 25, 2011

Do you want a trophy?

The trophies will have the Tournament fly on them covered by a plastic sheet. Dylan gets this one because he is special in every way.

Here are all the names for people that won trophies in the 2010 Tournament Series, let me know if you want them. If you don't I am going to give them to D's Hobbies or to Isaiah so he can use them for future tournaments:

Casey Dean - Noobz Star
Derek Atkinson - 1st
Ben Schimmoller - 2nd
Marc Mayer - 3rd

RIP Bawl:
Derek Atkinson - 1st
Marc Mayer - 2nd
Ben Schimmoller - 3rd

Cover Me:
Dan Miller and John Murphy - 1st
Marc Mayer and Ben Schimmoller - 2nd
Taylor Syle - 3rd

We'z Ard Boyz Tou:
Dan Miller - 2nd
Matt Rivera - 3rd

Lost Souls:
Ben Schimmoller - 1st
Cooper Nagel - 2nd
Dan Schimmoller - 3rd

Noobz Head 2 Head:
Casey Dean - 1st
Erik Dean - 2nd
Eric Johnson - 3nd

Noobz No Look'n Bak:
Casey Dean - 1st
Jody (???) - 2nd
Shane (???) - 3rd

Noobz Waagh Never Changes:
Casey Dean - 1st
Eric Johnson - 2nd
Erik Dean - 3rd

If you want them contact me on the forums or facebook!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

ULTRA MOO'RINES!: The Sarge is on CoolMiniOrNot!

You need to vote!

Hey guys! I put the Ultra Moo'rine sergeant up on Cool Mini or Not! I hope you can take some time out of your holiday and vote. Also, I'd like to here some ideas for a Warhammer Fantasy Army as Central Oregon Wargaming (COW) club army.

You wanna know what the Sergeant's name here (link fixed!)...also you might as well vote on the model too.

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope to see you at Play All Night! on December 2nd at the Stonebriar Apartments Recreation Center in Bend, OR.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

DFM! Wish You A Happy Thanksgiving!

Matt, Casey, Erik and Dylan wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you enjoy your turkey and taco pies.

Also, since watching football games are the traditional way to celebrate the aftermath of Thanksgiving diner...I am going to suggest playing a game or two of Blood Bowl as a new tradition! It's like football but with dice and fantasy guys dressed up like gladiators.

This is encase you have never hear of taco it now before anti-taco legislation makes them illegal or before the tacos are assassinated...I don't know which.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ultra Moo'rines!: The Sarge is almost Done!

Yes, lava sword is complete!

Finally, the sarge is complete! Okay, this guy needs a little touch up with some greys and whites, maybe yellows and reds but it is done for right now.

I am hoping this Thanksgiving Holiday I have some more free time to paint the other 9 Ultra Moo'rines which I am hoping to get completed next week. I think it will go by faster since I have figured out how to paint the Ultra Moo'rine scheme.

Wish me luck, I'd like to be complete by PLAY ALL NIGHT!

Just a little touch up and basing then clear coat time!

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Come and play! FREE!

Thanks to Isaiah and his friend, Ben, we have a location for PLAY ALL NIGHT! The Stonebriar Apartments Recreation Center, 21255 East Hwy. 20, Bend, OR 97702. This is over by the Pilot Butte Theater and the Taco Bell...yum. In the rec room there is a TV, couches, restroom in the rec area, and kitchen area.

Isaiah has planned out some free play tables for Warhammer Fantasy and 40k. Also there will be demos of Warmachine, Malifaux and FireStorm Armada. Also, Ben will have some painting demos going on and if you get bored playing wargames, you can hope on a PS3 and play Space Marine, based on an army from Warhammer 40...the Ultramarines! Also, you can see the first Squad of Ultra Moo'rines!

Show up anytime after 4pm, most likely people will setting up at 4pm then getting some games in soon after. Bring your models or just show up to see what is going on. If you have a tables or terrain and want to bring them to help out please message on the DFM! Any help is appreciated.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Warhammer!: Get Your Bag of Bones Out Their and Play!

We beckon you to come out and play!

This is a reminder to make it down to D's Hobbies this weekend in Bend, OR. If you are wargaming-inclined and can make a Warhammer Fantasy Army with at no more than 1500 points you should enter into the tournament at 10:00 am with $5 dollars. Games will start at 10:30am, maybe a little later.

It will be a great day of games and you'll meet other cool wargamers in the Central Oregon Area. Alright, Hope everyone has fun.