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Friday, November 25, 2011

Do you want a trophy?

The trophies will have the Tournament fly on them covered by a plastic sheet. Dylan gets this one because he is special in every way.

Here are all the names for people that won trophies in the 2010 Tournament Series, let me know if you want them. If you don't I am going to give them to D's Hobbies or to Isaiah so he can use them for future tournaments:

Casey Dean - Noobz Star
Derek Atkinson - 1st
Ben Schimmoller - 2nd
Marc Mayer - 3rd

RIP Bawl:
Derek Atkinson - 1st
Marc Mayer - 2nd
Ben Schimmoller - 3rd

Cover Me:
Dan Miller and John Murphy - 1st
Marc Mayer and Ben Schimmoller - 2nd
Taylor Syle - 3rd

We'z Ard Boyz Tou:
Dan Miller - 2nd
Matt Rivera - 3rd

Lost Souls:
Ben Schimmoller - 1st
Cooper Nagel - 2nd
Dan Schimmoller - 3rd

Noobz Head 2 Head:
Casey Dean - 1st
Erik Dean - 2nd
Eric Johnson - 3nd

Noobz No Look'n Bak:
Casey Dean - 1st
Jody (???) - 2nd
Shane (???) - 3rd

Noobz Waagh Never Changes:
Casey Dean - 1st
Eric Johnson - 2nd
Erik Dean - 3rd

If you want them contact me on the forums or facebook!

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