Thursday, October 13, 2011

Selling my First Space Wolves Squads!

Wow. These guys are from 2003. Oh, sweet 3rd Edition and your wonderful Rhino Rush and Sweeping Advance.

I was looking in my Mark 1 Army Carrier, a box, and I saw these guys. These are the first Space Wolves that I have ever painted. Not to bad, but they are not winning any 'Young Blood' awards. Looking back on these guys and remembering all the games, all the drunkhammer, all the fun and asking myself, "Why did I do the snow effect?"

I really wish I didn't do that. Any way, I need to make room for other models and hopefully some new guy to Warhammer 40K will buy them and get them winning games again.

I hope you sell for a good price on ebay my first squad. Check out ebay bids for this item. Also, rate these guys painting at Cool Mini or Not here (link fixed)!

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