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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Make the GWSeattle Bunker Marine a Space Wolf

Just a future Space Wolf!

Alright boys and girls let me inform you that at the GW Seattle Battle bunker there is a 8ft Space Marine being constructed as we speak. Actually, I would say more like being repaired.

Anyway, you must go to GW Seattle Bunker's Facebook Question Page and vote on this Space Marine becoming a "Space Wolf!"

I hear you already with your little high pitched little girl voice, "Why Space Wolves? I like Imperial Fists and Space Sharks better!"

My answer is this...Imperial Fist don't have their own codex and what the hell is a Space Shark, I never read a book about the Space Sharks in the Black Library so they must be lame.

Still not siding with me. Well, here is one more reason...I like Space Wolves and I think it would look cooler as Space Wolf than an Imperial Fist...which by the way isn't as cool as Space Wolves because again...no codex and they have way few Black Library books than Space Wolves.

Okay...last thing. All Tactical Space Marines wish they had a close combat weapon, a bolt pistol and a bolter...unless your army has that already--Blood Angles--or something cooler--Grey Knights...but anyway, you want them all, Space Wolves have them all and yo sucka Nilla Marine variants--cough, Imperial Fist and Space Sharks--wish they had them all.

Win for Space Wolves...if you wanna be a member of COW you defiantly should vote for Space Wolves because the COW Ultra Moo'rines are actually based on Space Wolves--Thundercow Hoov'alry GO! I'm going to build one in a few months after I paint all my Malifaux stuff.

So please vote here!



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