Sunday, October 9, 2011

Malifaux: Painting Cassandra and Dresses

Cassandra...white girl with a steam-punk katana.

I decided to paint Cassandra like Cinderella since Colette looks like Snow White. I am figuring to go with blue all around then painting off shaded light blues in different areas. I think the gloves will be blue and the stocking will be white--I liked how the white stocking turned out on Colette. I am not sure about the boots so I'll put down a light blue for right now.  The blonde hair of Cassandra is going to be straw colored more than yellow, I found a really nice example of Cassandra that I am using as a guide.  Here is the link.

I am really trying to keep the colors smooth. I think it is working out so far and demonstrating that I am learning from my mistakes.  One thing I am doing different is mounting the miniature to the base with wood flooring before painting.  I know while painting Colette I rubbed much of the work I did and I am hoping to alleviate that by mounting Cassandra on the base first.

Here is were I am with this project and some pictures from some of my stopping points.  I think she'll turn out nice but I am still looking at 16 hours more.  Hooray!

Started off with some blue.
This picture helped with painting in further depth in the dress, thanks LED Lamp.
Add the brown of the stage basing, off white for flesh, white from stockings, random light blue for boots and yellow for Cassandra's Goldie locks.
I'll let you know, I hate that crevice thing in Cassandra's dress.
Here is the depth, looks way to stripy...I am going to work on fixing that for a while.
I tried to add depth to the front of the dress...this is my first time doing this...not to bad but needs refinement.


  1. It's looking good so far, the face needs a little more definition and I'd recommend putting a transition between the really dark of the dress, just s mix of the base and shadow color to help ton it down a bit.

  2. I know...I think I am going to wash it a really lite blue...see what happens then recue it with your method.