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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Real Local Gaming News!: The Hive in Redmond, Oregon going out of Business!

The Hive will be missed!
The Hive Video Games and Toys in Redmond, Oregon is going out of business on August 25th after almost two years from opening it doors at there new location in downtown.

It is sad to hear that a store that supported the hobbies of Wargaming and Trading Cards is no longer going to be with us.  There are so few stores in the Central Oregon area that supported Magic the Gathering, Dungons and Dragons, and Games Workshop games specifically Warhammer 40k and Fantasy and other wargames like Warmachine.

Check out The Hive's Facebook for updates and sales. Importantly, remember to support your local business that support nerd gaming like Main Phase Gaming and D's Hobbies.

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