Tuesday, August 16, 2011

OFCC 40K 2011: Chocolate Star*phishes and Ultra Moo'rines Results

Best event ever!

Vancouver, WA at the Red Lion Hotel on the Quey, the Ordo Fanaticus Club Challenge for Warhammer 40k at 2000 points an army was held. Five games, two days, and 84 nerds from various character classes.

For two teams, Chocolate StarPhishes and Ultra Moo'rines, with players ranging from Whidbey Island, WA to Bend, OR fielded their miniatures on the tables in order to make not miniature love but to make miniature war.
The Chocolate Starphishes
  • Derek A. - Blood Angels - Team Captain
  • Marc M. - Dark Angels
  • Keith - Orks
  • Ben S. - Imperial Guard
Ultra Moo'rines
  • Matt L. - Space Wolves - Team Captain
  • Casey D. - Orks - Asst. Team Captain
  • Erik D. - Grey Knights - Asst. Team Captain
  • Dan S. - Space Wolves
As has been tradition, various participants from around the northwest arrive at the Challenge the night before. Drinking, wargaming, and much boasting happens. It is a time to catch up with friends and acquaintances from year pass, size up you opponents for the games you'll play in the next two days and start the fun of the challenge early.

On Saturday after the 'gamer funk' is washed off and breakfast Blood Marries are drank, the challenge begins. First, all the teams place their armies on any surface available to strut display boards and miniatures. Then quickly a painting judge runs by glancing and jotting notes, some participates try to haggle extra points but most chat a bit while the judge does his business.

Captains are initially called to get table assignments to get rounds going. Then the captain on captain action begins. You hear things like "Well that pairing wouldn't be fun" or "All I have are weak lists and you have pound me in the ass lists," eventually you hear "that is a good match then" then the games start. This was nearly the same for every round and each day.

The missions this year where wrote by Jeremy, the Head of Games. From what was said he did a good job and only one mission where their grumbles and moaning due to the modified kill point (Victory Points divided by Kill Points) for victory conditions.

Once all the sheet were tallied with everyone's results from their skirmishes, their judging of other characters based on a few hours of contact and what ever mystery painting results were given it was time for the awards ceremony. Each captain sacrificed a miniature to the bucket of models from prior losing teams from pass OFCC's. Each miniature was lovingly, maybe hastily, painted with the team's handle then dropped in the victory chalice as there name was called by standing. The last name called was Da Mama's Boyz from Portland to recieve best over all.

But you know what counts, again The Chocolate Starphishes walk away with Best General.

As Marc said, "Best over is like the guy a women hangs around during the week. Best General is the guy she calls on the weeked to get some good dick'n from."

In the end, everyone had fun and learn somethings they will hopefully practice next year. Even next year Ben might get the Leman Russ Exterminator that Captain of the Ultra Moo'rine's dropped in the OFCC Trophy Bucket, and I am sure everyone else does because that mean they to are the best over all.

The Bend, OR teams finished right in the middle.

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