Friday, May 11, 2012

BATTLESCAPE! Free Terrain Tutorial Event on May 26th!

Fuel the War Effort!
On May 26th, Isaiah and Carl will be presenting a COW and DFM! Free Event featuring how to make affordable great looking terrain. This event is to help bolster the terrain for the Warhammer Fantasy Apocalypse game being held on Jun 2nd at D's Hobbies.

This weekend of May 12th, Carl and Isaiah will be collecting foam materials from local business like Costco, Petsmart, and Petco.  Warning: There might be some dumpster diving!  Also, they are eagerly looking for volunteers.  Check the forums and facebook with updates on material gathering.  Also, they will be gathering flock, paint and glue.  Participants are encouraged to bring supplies as well.

The terrain day, BATTLESCAPE!, will feature Multi-Tier Hills.  Our host will show you which tools to use and how to cut your tiers. How to construct and paint with ease.  The session should be less than 2 hours.  Just a note, waiting for drying between steps.  There might be a blow dryer or hear gun maybe present to speed time.  Also, short 500 to 1000 point games will be played between stages if their is enough interest.  Bring any army, and wargaming system!

Participants will walk away with one complete multi-tier hill or they can "Fuel the War Effort" by donation it to COW to improve the terrain present at D's Hobbies.

Hope to see you there!

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