Tuesday, May 22, 2012

War is Here!: Battle for Karak Kadar Warhammer Fantasy Apocalypse Free Event on June 2nd

He is ready! Will you? Prove it, bring your strongest Soldiers to the battle!
Death Fears ME! and Central Oregon Wargaming are going to hold their first ever Warhammer Fantasy Apocalypse game at D's Hobbies.  This is the game to watch or participate in if you are enthusiastic about miniature wargaming.  COW! Members are gathering and building terrain specifically for this event.  The organizers for this event are Isaiah and Carl, and there are really getting this game together.  Please thank them when you see them!

Here is a bit of storyline Carl has going for "Battle of Karak Kadar!"
Karak Kadar, an ancient and powerful stronghold of the dwarves. Built inside a mountain itself, as the dwarves have often done in ages past. Its entrance was a mighty hall at the foot of the mountain, called the 'Anvil', gates and walls of enormous proportions on either side. There those walls have stood for ages, long in years even for the race of dwarves.
Yet a storm is coming, that even these stubborn walls may not weather. An army of chaos and destruction, swift and brutal, has swept down along the World's Edge mountains; from the East of Kislev, to the haunted reaches of Sylvania. The dwarves, ever being the stout allies of men, have been marching against the horde since its first steps near the mountains. They slowed the advance of the army, whilst the men of the Empire gathered. Although they slowed the swarm, they far from stopped it. Even when the armies of the Empire came, the forces of destruction were not done.....

- Frederick Augustine, Chronicler, Notes of Battle for Karak Kadar: Part 1
Hope to see you there! RSVP on the blog and forum and the Facebook Event page. We will have at DFM! Webmeeting on May 25th discussing details of this event and future events, everyone is invited, a mic installed on you computer is recommended if you are wanting to participate.

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